Other Services


 Now more than ever, don't go through it alone!

- Visas, Work/Fiancee Visas

- Green Cards

- Citizenship

- Adjust any status, and much more.

A single mistake on your forms could be costly. Let us help you throughout your immigration process.

Criminal Expungements

Whether you have a misdemeanor or felony case, we can help you expunge it from your record. Take advantage of the new laws to clear your record today! 

Name Change

We handle both minor and adult name changes. Whether you're going through a divorce and need to change back to your maiden name, have a child who's name you would like to change, or just simply want to legally change your name, we guarantee the best and fastest results. We guide you through the court process as well as any other legal documents you need to amend, ie driver's license, passport, etc.

Process Serving

We have process servers all throughout California ready to serve. Our low fee guarantees your documents will get served. 

Home Loan Modification

Call today to see if you qualify to lower your monthly payments, interest rate and balance on your property. We work with all banks to try and get you a better deal than what you are paying now. 

Traffic Tickets

Whether you need to continue your matter or appear in court, we can assist you with all your ticket needs. We have attorneys available to appear with you at the hearing.